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Amla the Powerhouse of Health Benefits



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It's Tea Time - Healing Herbal Teas

Making herbal tea is a joy and does not require a lot of effort on your part. You can pick the herb of your choice dried or fresh (fresh is always best, but may not be available year round, so it's okay to use your dried herbs) fill your tea infuser or tea ball with [...]

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Moringa Tree - the incredible energy boosting, nutrient dense, superfood

Moringa Oleifera is an incredible energy boosting, nutrient dense, weight loss and antioxidant superfood.It has all essential amino acids, beneficial fats and omega oils, rich amounts of calcium, iron and many other vital minerals, as well as a wide variety and copious amounts of vitamins, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances but very few calories to it.

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Moringa Pizza

INGREDIENTS: Wholegrain crust or wholegrain flat tortilla Spaghetti sauceChopped onions and chopped spinachFreshly picked Moringa Oleifera leaves - lots Queso, mozzarella or other cheese of your choiceMinced fresh garlic or garlic salt Olive oil for drizzling Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Be sure to cover the crust with sauce to about 1/4 - 1/2 inch [...]

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Moringa Omelette

INGREDIENTS: Eggs Freshly picked Moringa Oleifera leaves Sauteed onions and mushroomsFresh, diced tomatoesOlive oil and/or butterMinced fresh garlic cloves or garlic saltSea salt and/or other spices you like Add fresh Moringa leaves, however many you like, right before serving your omelette. Enjoy!

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Moringa Scrambled Eggs

INGREDIENTS: Eggs, well beaten Freshly picked Moringa Oleifera leaves Olive oil and/or butterMinced fresh garlic cloves or garlic saltSea salt and/or other spices you like Add the Moringa leaves right before you are ready to eat your scrambled eggs, so there is very little heat applied to them. As soon as the Moringa leaves turn bright [...]

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Moringa Chicken Soup

It's okay to cheat on this one. If you don't have the time to cook from scratch, you can simply add fresh Moringa leaves to your favorite canned soup after you heat it according to directions. Homemade or not, Moringa makes it nutritious and delicious. Just add fresh leaves right before serving.

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How to use Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa leaf powder can be added to just about anything you eat. It is a food, therefore, there is no "recommended" dosage.Roughly, seven pounds of fresh Moringa leaves, will make one pound of Moringa leaf powder. 7 lbs. fresh = 1 lb. ground and dried. Most people will use between 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon [...]

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Turmeric Milk

Turmeric has been used in recipes and as Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. It has both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, and therefore offers many health benefits. It can be used to relieve swelling and pain due to headaches and small wounds and has been called ‘natural aspirin’ in Ayurvedic medicine. When applied to [...]

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